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Just like there are many children without parents awaiting adoption all over the world, there is a movement happening across the country to bring together orphaned schools with no gardens and willing “parents” with resources the help them grow and thrive.

The non-profit National Gardening Association is bridging the gap creating many happy gardening “families” with their Adopt-A-Garden Program. We all know how powerful it is to teach our children about sustainable practices and in turn the impact it can have on our future when they know how to grow their own food.

You can make a straight donation or buy varying levels of grow kits which contain all materials needed to get a local school in your town started and you can even present it to the school yourself. To find a school near you in need search here.  If you have an orphaned school awaiting fruitful seeds and want to register to be in their database you can add here.

How precious new life can be… http://assoc.garden.org/ag/asg/


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