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Tree of Life

It’s no secret that in California, if you’re lucky, you might move into a house that has a fruit tree or two in the yard.  They are abundantly dispersed throughout the city. It might be lemons, avocados, oranges; it’s usually a real treat for most homeowners. I know it’s always a delight for me anytime I go over to a friends house who happens to have one, it’s like my own personal farmer’s market and I leave with a nice bag of fresh produce.

But what happens when you have a life giving tree and it’s too much fruit for you? Sure you can give it to your neighbors or bring it to the people in your office, but all too often homeowners aren’t  keeping up on their harvests and fruit starts to go to the ground. Here’s how one group out there is making sure nothing goes to waste!

“Harvest Westchester” is a group with a simple mission. They collect  fruit from your trees and donate it to the Food Pantry LAX which then distributes food to those in need.  You can box up your fruit and drop it off yourself, they will come pick it up from you, or if you are a senior or need assistance, they will even come and harvest the fruit for you. Their collection is a local  5 mile radius from the Sepulveda and Manchester intersection in the Westchester neighborhood.  So if you are nearby be sure to register your trees if you have more than you need….and if you aren’t nearby, take a look at their sight anyway and see how a few simple acts of coordinating can actually get food to those that need it. Some pretty good food for thought if you ask me.



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So what exactly is a decentralized urban farming effort?

Picture this — you’ve got a nice yard that you could grow a garden but don’t really know a thing about it or have the time, but you relish in the idea of fresh fruits and salads and herbs and all that wonderful gourmet cooking and healthy habits it would bring.  Well, the solution is out there and it’s growing! Imagine a service that will come design it, plant it, maintain it and even take care of harvesting your vegetables.  Then they’ll leave a basket of fresh produce at your front door and portion out the rest to spread upon the neighbors who also have a garden and vice versa.   Sounds too good to be true!
See how one group in the San Francisco area is making local produce and sustainabilty their mission. Visit:   MyFarmSF.com

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When we think of big cities, we think hustle and bustle, we don’t think of people spending their time leisurely outside doing hard labor.  But that’s a changing trend, especially when there are people you can hire who are ready and willing to help you plant a vegetable garden in spaces both large and small.
It’s a new-found profession that is starting to pop up in many places as more and more people want to have a vegetable garden but don’t have the expertise or time to do it.  You gotta love our country, where there’s a demand, the supply just naturally shows up and a new profession is  created in an instant. Here’s a little inspiration from the San Fransisco area.  The Freelance Farmers will help you do it all!  They will help you design, plant and even maintain your garden for you…imagine being able to go outside and pick out what you want in your salad every night. 
I’ve always thought about having a garden someday once I have a more permanent living space. But I really do not have a green thumb, in fact I’m all knuckles when it comes to gardening.  So I have always dreamed about hiring someone to help me do it.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see this popping up more and more.
There are also people calling themselves Garden Coaches these days too all around the country. We truly are rich with resources, may our vegetable gardens be plentiful.

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