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There’s a new breed of gardeners and they’re taking their towns by storm!

From Long Beach to London, San Fransisco to Switzerland, Italy to Ireland…all across the globe individuals are sneaking out dusk to dawn and taking gardening matters into their very own hands.  They’re called “guerrilla gardeners” and they’ve got incredible passion, amazing green thumbs and a bit of a daring side.  Sure, many of us have heard of guerrilla filmmaking (having an MFA in the subject, it’s something I’m well aware of), where a passionate filmmaker hits the streets with nothing more than a camera and an actor to get that “money” shot at any cost without all the red tape, but guerrilla gardening?  Really?  Who would have thought?  I had never heard of such a thing, but I can assure you now it’s out there, it’s real and it might be happening in front of your very own eyes and you’ll never suspect a thing.

Whether it’s a tiny corner inset of a cracked sidewalk filled with stale dirt, a median dividing a major road, or an entire vacant lot, there are spaces in every place on earth that tend to get ignored by their respective cities.  With recent trends in gardening growing by leaps and bounds, savvy, expert and courageous gardeners are at work transforming these neglected but fruitful pieces of land – on the run and undercover.  Going to great lengths to beautify the earth and create some sustainable living, at any cost.

From all out troops of friends texting their whereabouts trying to work diligently undercover, to cajoling police officers who eventually decide it’s a great thing even though it’s city property and no one seems to have a permit, to the one-person army going for an evening stroll with a few flower bulbs in their pocket — the creativity is astonishing! You must read some of these stories!

So the next time you’re out walking around or going for a drive, see how many little empty, neglected or rundown pieces of potentially prime gardening land you can find. Then imagine what a few adventurous people with a bit of gardening know-how might be able to transform that land into…uh, well, ya know, not that I’m saying to go do anything of course :-) www.guerrillagardening.org

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