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Just like there are many children without parents awaiting adoption all over the world, there is a movement happening across the country to bring together orphaned schools with no gardens and willing “parents” with resources the help them grow and thrive.

The non-profit National Gardening Association is bridging the gap creating many happy gardening “families” with their Adopt-A-Garden Program. We all know how powerful it is to teach our children about sustainable practices and in turn the impact it can have on our future when they know how to grow their own food.

You can make a straight donation or buy varying levels of grow kits which contain all materials needed to get a local school in your town started and you can even present it to the school yourself. To find a school near you in need search here.  If you have an orphaned school awaiting fruitful seeds and want to register to be in their database you can add here.

How precious new life can be… http://assoc.garden.org/ag/asg/


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It only takes the inspiration of one person to create sustainable change in all parts of the country and even the world. Taja Sevelle has just that kind of spirit. A singer and songwriter for the likes of Prince and many others, it was an idea that came during a recording trip to Detroit. Unused parcels of land were abundant in this struggling city in 2005. With her own initial investment, what started as 3 gardens yielding 1 ton of food for the hungry souls of Detroit, has flourished and now dozens of gardens provide food for the hungry in Los Angeles, Newark, Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Hawaii and even Jamaica, with Atlanta, New Orleans and West Palm Beach being the next new frontier.

The mission of the Urban Farming organization is that it…”intends to eradicate hunger while increasing diversity, motivating youth and seniors and optimizing the production of unused land for good and alternative energy…We plant gardens on unused land in cities, on rooftops, on walls, in planters in malls and sidewalks cafes and have Green Science Gardens in school campuses k-college.”

There are many ways to donate and/or get involved in local growing efforts. From volunteering your own organizational manpower for gardening to being and intern, to buying a ticket to your favorite concert at Tickets-for-Charity, be sure to read all about this wonderful organization at: UrbanFarming.org

And check out these great before and after photos of some of their current Urban Farming Food Chain (c) Projects where even the residents of places like Skid-Row are now getting fresh food thanks to The Edible Green Wall Project. It’s truly inspirational: View Photos

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Anyone can be a Kitchen Gardener!

A non-profit organization in Maine, called Kitchen Gardeners International is helping pave the way and give guidance for people to take gardening into their own hands. A way to create wonderful produce that goes from the garden to great recipes in your kitchen.
Addtionally, with grants & partnership programs, they are helping to donate and fund the creation of local gardens around the world. It’s amazing sometimes to think about how people creatively can make a difference in the lives of others.
Check it out at the link above.

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