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Not So “Uncommon” Anymore

While I mainly think of rooftop gardens as things that only happen in warm weather places, or more progressive cities, I’m learning more and more how it’s actually becoming quite a regular occurrence, either that or how progressive Chicago really is when it comes to being green, LOL. But with some parts of the city that don’t even have recycling bins for residences just yet, I am intrigued as in a cozy little north side neighborhood sits a fairly nice looking, good old-fashioned American style restaurant and bar that is changing the way things are done in the whole country.

The Restaurant “Uncommon Ground” with its long-standing reputation here in Chicago, just happens to be the first certified organic rooftop farm in the country. Now you usually don’t think of a bar kind of place with live music, burgers and beer on the menu as donning a rooftop garden, but if you look a bit closer at the menu, you will see it bursting with flavor, herbs and fresh vegetables that make anyone’s mouth start watering for a little taste of the fresh produce above you.

They play host to an organic product market this year every Friday from June to October, and support many green environment events as well. I don’t know, but this may just become my new “common” place for dinner…

Visit: http://www.uncommonground.com/


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